I'm Alex, one half of the husband and wife photography team behind the cameras at Idalia Photography. In 2013, I discovered how important blogging is to driving traffic and I immersed myself in learning the ins and outs of blogging and link-building. Since then, we have steadily increased our website and blog traffic and our blogging and marketing strategies have enabled us to put our work in front of more and more potential clients each year, attract our ideal clients, generate leads, and increase our bookings. This allowed me to quit my $90k/year teaching job so that I could chase my dream and find fulfillment in every aspect of running our photography business.

I was a teacher for 14 years and, as an educator at heart, I love teaching other photographers everything I've learned about photography, business, and blogging. I'm so excited to show you how you can do the same thing for your business!

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• having trouble identifying and attracting your ideal client?
• unsure about how to create a blogging strategy that generates leads consistently?
• never sure what to blog about next? or worse, unsure why you should blog at all?
• feeling like you have a ton of ideas but don't know which ones will make a difference in your bookings?
• wanting your blog to appear in Google search results but don't know how?
• ready to dive into blogging but don't know where to start?
• craving a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and cheer you on?

If the thought of learning how to blog effectively overwhelms you, I'm here to help. I was there once, too. But in 2014, we went from 15 weddings the previous year to 33 weddings the following year. All thanks to implementing a marketing strategy that generates leads consistently. Since implementing our strategy, we've continued to book out our years consistently, even while increasing our prices every year. I'd like to help you do the same.

The Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs Workshop is an in-person event that will teach you how to build a solid foundation for your blog, create a blogging strategy that generates leads, make sure your blog content is found online, and make you feel organized, focused, and motivated to reach your blogging goals. What better way to jumpstart your business?



Paterson, NJ
april 2, 2017





Long branch, nj
january 28, 2018

what they're saying

they're saying

"I left the workshop with a million ideas and a plan for how to get started implementing them right away! Alex was so great too! She was organized, friendly and kind, and so educated on the topics of blogging and SEO. She created a workbook full of activities and information for us to be able to brainstorm with other attendees and take notes in so that when we left the workshop we knew exactly how to implement what we learned and didn't go home feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. That was probably the best part - the fact that we left the workshop feeling amazing and knowing exactly what to do. I can't thank Alex enough for her expertise. I am so thankful I took this workshop and would recommend it to ANY entrepreneur who wants to get better at blogging." ~ Heather Palecek 

what they're saying

they're saying

"This was such an AMAZING workshop. I cannot wait to start putting all that I learned about blog content, SEO and blog optimization to use. I have never left a workshop with more knowledge about how to "up my game" and get myself out there. I am re-energized in my business and ready to put everything to use. Alex had wonderful handouts (seriously the best I have EVER gotten) and so much knowledge." ~ Erin Lane 

what they're saying

they're saying

"The Blogging Workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs was AMAZING. I had never met Alex before the day of the workshop but I knew it was going to be great. From the day I signed up, the communication was clear and frequent and all my questions were answered in a very timely manner. The day of the workshop was nothing short of amazing. The space was beautiful, the set up was spot on, and the amount of information we received was priceless. I walked away after 10 hours of learning inspired, motivated and confident that I was going to incorporate everything I learned! I highly recommend working with Alex. She is professional who truly cares about her clients/workshop attendees and I hope to work with her again in the future!" ~ Shannon Mayernik

what they're saying

they're saying

"Alex is an amazing teacher. She is extremely knowledgable and willing to answer any questions you have. My experience in the workshop great. Get ready to take LOTS of notes and walk out of there wanting to hit the ground running. I felt so inspired once I left. You won't regret learning from Alex, she's a superstar. :)" ~ Monique Lockwood

what they're saying

they're saying

"The blogging workshop was a powerful investment and solid stepping stone for the growth of my business. Prior to the workshop, I did not fully understand how to utilize social media and SEO as efficient and no-cost methods to expand my business. By combining her knowledge gained over several years and sharing reflections of her own experiences, Alex comfortably stood in her "educator niche" as she broke off these constraints. Every aspect was thoroughly planned with explicit detail to the attendees' needs; the cozy location, professional head shots, and the blogging workbook (an incredibly valuable take-home guide!), are just a few examples. The workshop also provided ample time for individual questions, as well as opportunities to network with other members of the local creative community. For the first time, I feel informed, motivated and confident to move my business forward with blogging." ~ Kristen Barker

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